Red Nose Day

St John & St James Primary School | Red Nose Day 2021

This week, the children have been raising money and a smile whilst learning about Comic Relief.

We enjoyed dressing up in red and spending time with our friends planning and performing a funny sketch, animation or puppet show. To end our morning, we had a giggle whilst watching some classic Tom and Jerry!

Weekly task – Marvellous Manners

Using good manners is important. If we use good manners, it means that we are polite.  

This week, our focus for home learning is to practise using manners.  You could say: 

  • Please 
  • Thank you  
  • Pardon me 
  • Excuse me  
  • Smile and say hello 
  • Can I leave the table please? 
  • Sorry

Show us your home learning task by uploading a piece of work to your journal on Seesaw.  You might like to add some photos, record a video or tell us about your task in a voice note.