The Great British Spring Clean

Many people around the United Kingdom are carrying out lots of different tasks to help Keep Britain Tidy. As part of our Pupil Leadership, we decided that we would join in with the Spring clean and help to keep Rushall tidy. We looked around school and noticed lots of outdoor spaces needed spruce up so armed with our tools, we began the spring clean!

The children swept the quad area, emptying the shed and reorganising it ready for the children who take part in Gardening Club.

The children learned how to safely use garden tools to weed, trim and sweep the outdoor area.

After a very warm few days, the children enjoyed some time in the cool classroom sorting out the flower, fruit and vegetable seeds into the different months and seasons during which we can sow them.

What fantastic leadership skills the children have shown this week – well done!

Sports Day 2021

On Tuesday, ARP 1 and 2 enjoyed taking part in a fun-filled Sports Day!

There were lots of different races and activities on offer:

The children were very fair and made sure they were following our Golden Rules.

All of the children tried their very best showing our new school value perseverance!

Well done to all of the children who tried their very best!

Red Nose Day

St John & St James Primary School | Red Nose Day 2021

This week, the children have been raising money and a smile whilst learning about Comic Relief.

We enjoyed dressing up in red and spending time with our friends planning and performing a funny sketch, animation or puppet show. To end our morning, we had a giggle whilst watching some classic Tom and Jerry!

Weekly task – Marvellous Manners

Using good manners is important. If we use good manners, it means that we are polite.  

This week, our focus for home learning is to practise using manners.  You could say: 

  • Please 
  • Thank you  
  • Pardon me 
  • Excuse me  
  • Smile and say hello 
  • Can I leave the table please? 
  • Sorry

Show us your home learning task by uploading a piece of work to your journal on Seesaw.  You might like to add some photos, record a video or tell us about your task in a voice note.  

Weekly task – Helpful Heroes

While we are spending extra time at home, it is important that we are helping each other.

Children might like to learn the sign for ‘help’.

Some of the children might want to practice asking others for help – ‘Can I have help to tie my shoes please?’ or ‘I need some help with my work please’, ‘Can some body help me with my game please?’.

Some children might like to offer their help to other family members – ‘Mum, would you like some help to make breakfast?’, ‘Dad, can I help you tidy away?’, ‘Shall I help you get the tea ready?’.

Show us your home learning task by uploading a piece of work to your journal on Seesaw.  You might like to add some photos, record a video or tell us about your task in a voice note.

Home Learning

Miss Maeer has been catching up with all the children each week, finding out about the different learning tasks they have completed and experiences they have been enjoying whilst staying safe at home.

George and his siblings have been completing their Seesaw tasks and enjoyed some challenges set by their Lockdown Carrots!

Zachary and his brother took part in the RSPB Garden Birdwatch and wrote about their favourite bird. Zachary has been working hard to understand symmetry and had fun building a car out of lego!

As well as completing lots of work on Seesaw, Zack has enjoyed a daily active hour. He had fun playing games completing the weekly challenge of ‘turn taking’.

Viraj has been working hard on his daily reading and maths. He had some time out to do a treasure hunt and enjoyed some Golden Time with his brother.

Neveah has worked hard on her shape work in maths. She has enjoyed some art and crafts with her little sister.

Elliot has enjoyed doing his daily reading and working on his sounds. He has had fun playing games with his family.

Logan has worked hard on the maths and reading tasks on Seesaw. He enjoyed a treasure hunt and has been helping his Mummy around the house.

As well as completing work on Seesaw and in his work book, Alfie has been learning lots of new life skills and enjoyed a movie night with his family.

William has been working through his maths and English activities, learning about nouns and symmetry. He enjoyed a day in the snow!

As well as doing his daily exercise with his family, Alfie has been busily completing his maths and English activities on Seesaw.

Weekly task – Building

Your challenge for the week is to build something out of things you may have in your house.  You might like to build a tower, a rocket, a house or a car.  You could use jelly beans and cocktail sticks, marshmallows and dry spaghetti, boxes, Lego or even biscuits and icing!

Show us your home learning task by uploading a piece of work to your journal on Seesaw.  You might like to add some photos, record a video or tell us about your task in a voice note.

Variety is the spice of life!

How To Get Kids To Try New Foods | Annabel Karmel

This week, our focus for home learning is all about being adventurous! We would like to you try foods that you may not normally try.  

Tips to Help Your Child Try New Foods - You are Mom

Ideas for parents: 

Allow the children to be playful with their food to reduce anxieties – squash it, smell it, lick it, mouth it, take bites, chew and if they are brave, swallow it!  You could even make a picture out of food. 

Inspiring our children to try new foods! | Autism Treatment Center of  America Blog

You may like to try some baking or making a new recipe. This will allow the children to see what goes into their food.

Ask the children – is it sweet, salty, spicy?  Crunchy or soft?  Would they like to eat it again? Maybe the adults could teach them where is has come from or how it is made! 

Show us your home learning task by uploading a piece of work to your journal on Seesaw.  You might like to add some photos, record a video or tell us about your task in a voice note.  

Taking turns

This week, our focus for home learning will be taking turns. You can do this in lots of ways, either with your siblings or your parents at home.

You can play a board game at home, where you need to wait for your turn while other have their turn.

You may need to share the computer or television with somebody at home, so you will wait until it is your turn and then let them have their turn after.

You might go for a walk to the park to play where you may need to wait your turn for the slide.

Remember you can send in pictures of you taking turns and we can celebrate them on our blog.

Active Afternoons!

While we have been back at school in our small bubble, we have been talking about how to keep ourselves physically safe and emotionally healthy.

We remembered that exercise is really good for our mental health as well as our hearts and bodies.

We decided to make sure we are active and doing enough exercise by completing the ‘1k a day challenge‘ where we walk or run for 1km every day. We thought this would be good because our friends who are staying at home can join in with the challenge.

We make a note of the days we walk and the time it has taken us and try and beat our time.

If the rain stops play, we make sure we are active in our classroom. Here are some of the activities we do…

Alfie and Zack have been active at home, walking and scooting!