Active Afternoons!

While we have been back at school in our small bubble, we have been talking about how to keep ourselves physically safe and emotionally healthy.

We remembered that exercise is really good for our mental health as well as our hearts and bodies.

We decided to make sure we are active and doing enough exercise by completing the ‘1k a day challenge‘ where we walk or run for 1km every day. We thought this would be good because our friends who are staying at home can join in with the challenge.

We make a note of the days we walk and the time it has taken us and try and beat our time.

If the rain stops play, we make sure we are active in our classroom. Here are some of the activities we do…

Alfie and Zack have been active at home, walking and scooting!

ARP presents….

Goldilocks and the Christmas Elves!

The children have worked really hard to learn their songs and speaking parts. They had a wonderful time performing their Christmas production.

We hope you enjoy watching it!

Halloween Fun!

On Monday, the children came to school dressed up in spooky costumes and took part in some fiendish fun and games!

Just Dance!

Spider web target

Roll the dice Frankenstein masks

Pass the parcel


ARP 2 had a wonderful time this week performing their song ‘Once Upon a Time’.

We would like to say thank you for all the donations of food for people less fortunate than ourselves.

Alfie A said ‘It was absolutely wonderful. I loved it when we sang it all together!’

Elliot enjoyed the Harvest song. He said ‘It made me feel great!’

We hope you enjoy watching our video!


Through our PSHE lessons, we have been learning about the importance of kindness. Many people think that ‘sticks and stones may break our bones but words can never hurt us’. We discussed this phrase and we didn’t agree; words can be very hurtful. We set up an experiment to prove what we thought.

Dr Masaru Emoto’s rice experiment

Over the next few weeks, we are going to ‘speak’ to the rice according to the instructions. We discussed kind and unkind words and practised saying kind things to each other. We predicted that each jar of rice will turn a different colour as it goes off. We don’t think there will be any difference between each jar.

Check back in a few weeks to see what happens!

Back to school!

We’ve had a fabulous first few weeks back after a very long time at home! We were so pleased to see our friends and teachers again. We were excited to have some new class members too!

Take a look at some of the fun lessons and activities we have been doing.

We have been learning about our emotions and how they can change when things happen. This week we talked about happiness – what makes us happy and how it makes us feel.

Our topic this term is Trees. We began learning about the different types of trees around school and had great fun exploring in the woods.

Miss Maeer has been super proud of the children and how well they have settled back into school after such a long time away. The children have been talking about the positive prompts and good behaviours and came up with their own Dojo rewards. We enjoy celebrating special moments and nominations on a Friday in our Golden Moments assembly.